‘My Oga at the Top’ Mr Shema Obafaiye looses position as Lagos Commandant

Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) has unseated the famous Lagos State Commandant

Mr. Shema Obafaiye, well known for his television appearance where he coined the now well known phrase ‘my oga at the top’.

His successor has been announced as Mr. Adesuyi Clement from Oyo State Command by Dr. Olu Abolurin, the Commandant General of NSCDC.

An explanation for the appointment to the civil defence job was not given; however, sources claim the move follows instructions from The Oga on Top, the Minster of Interior in charge of the NSCDC in light of the poor performance of Mr Shema on the national broadcast of Channels Television live chat show. Prior to this, authorities of NSCDC have refuted plans for disciplinary action against Mr. Shem.

It can be deduced that Shema’s career decline started on Channels Television morning programme Sunrise when he failed to give a coherent response when asked what the NSCDC website is:

“Hmmm, the website is, excuse me, my Oga at the top knows the website”. He again, cleared his throat and said: “My Oga at the top is working on the website and I don’t have them”.

When the pushed by presenters, he gave a shocking response: “ww.nscdc, that’s all”. A response which arguably made video clips of the programme a YouTube sensation.

What do you think about the Shema’s sacking? Should his ‘oga on top’ have done this sooner or is it an over reaction?

My Oga on Top

My Oga on Top

I really can’t remember the last time I saw

something that made me laugh so much and at the same time feel a sense of shame wash over me. That’s exactly how I feel everytime I watch the video, hear the remix, or hear or read variations of My oga on Top.

Besides the shame I can’t help but wonder if some heads have rolled or will roll for the major PR disaster that the Lagos Commandant of the NSCDC was. I’ve be reassured that the star of the show will remain in his role and will enjoy popularity for his now famous phrase ,’My Oga on Top’ but then I wonder who heads their PR team.

As a PR professional I couldn’t help searching for the full video of the interview on YouTube. I was horrified to discover that the whole point of the Commandant ( for his sake I won’t name names)  being on the programme was to mitigate a crisis which was solely centred around the ministry of civil defence’s website.

The crisis: In true 419 fashion, the ministry’s website had been cloned and fraudsters were bleeding people dry to the tune of N 400,000 for job applications or promises of employment.

Our beloved commandant’s job I would imagine was to appear on the programme and put the general public at ease that him and his ogas on top are not just fat cats swelling up on public funds, but that they realise they have a crisis on their hands and are addressing it.

Unfortunately, this special man was not only inarticulate, he was embarrassingly unprepared for the interview to the extent that many are question his qualifications for the job he hold, throwing serious doubt as to whether he has actually ever been on the world wide web, let alone ever visited his company website. The fact that he pontificated and perambulated his way around the simplest of questions, struggling to offer an meaningful and intelligent response to the questions he was asked brings great shame on not only his nations’ education, but also serious embarrassment to the so called Oga on top he alluded to so many times. I can only imagine the so called Oga must be extremely disappointed in himself to employing someone so inept at handling the simplest of crisis communications interviews.

Besides offering great amusement to those who watch it, the only other use I can imagine for this interview is for it to serve as a training video for aspiring journalist and PR practitioners of how not to do an interview.